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Unleash the power - No programming skills required !!

Use your own branding -

Runtime version included at no extra cost

All Table Relationships are maintained by the use of               SYSTEM TABLES

    *  _Table Definitions
    *  _Lookup Rules
    *  _Calculation Rules
    *  _Posting Rules
    *  _Filters
    *  _Lookups
    *  _Setup


    *  Sorting
    *  Filtering
    *  Grouping and Totaling
    *  Charting
    *  Printing
    *  Emailing

Example included


    *  Diary
    *  Contacts
    *  To Do
    *  Future Concepts
    *  Confidential Information
    *  Personal Finances
    *  Investments
    *  Watchlists
    *  Wishlist
    *  Personal Fitness
    *  Home Inventory
    *  Website Management


Agility Database is a fully relational database with Lookups, Calculations and Posting.

Charting is included and all operations are menu driven with no programming required. It is possible to design a full accounting system.

A runtime version is available which prevents any design changes and the Program Title can be edited to your own requirements.

All tables can optionally be password protected.

The program is designed around TABLES which contain RECORDS (single lines of Comma Separated Values).

Each record contains FIELDS (the values between the commas) and any Table can be related to other Table(s) by use of key fields.

Tables can be categorized as in the illustration above. Records can be Sorted, Filtered, Totaled, Charted and Printed.

The versatility of the program is only limited by your own imagination.

    •  Personal Organization
    •  Home Finances and Investment
    •  Full Accounting Systems
    •  Office Organization
    •  Travel Arrangements
    •  Project Management
    •  Club Administration
    •  Event Management

The evaluation version of the program can be downloaded using the [Download] button on the right and is limited to 30 records per Table using Tables of your own design.

The 2 example databases - Agility Business and My Life Organized !! are FREE and unrestricted (unlimited records) and included in the download.

The unrestricted version of the program which allows for design changes in the 2 examples plus unrestricted use of databases of your own design including unlimited use of the Runtime Version including re-branding is available for purchase at USD $49.95 using the [Purchase] button on the right.

Example included

         Business -
    *   Debtors
         incl. Invoicing and Quotations
    *   Creditors incl. Purchase Orders
    *   Inventory
    *   General Ledger
    *   Payroll