Automate your ideas and expand your mind
Automate your ideas and expand your mind
Agility Trader
Agility Trader

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This software will allow you to automate your own trading ideas and also intoduces a huge range of options never offered before.

Enclosed is a brief summary of features

The Expert Advisor has over 350 inputs all logically and descriptively arranged. Input is considerably easier with the companion program shown below, however this not a requirement.
                                    NEWSFLASH - Version 4 is now released, Use unlimited Custom Indicators 
>  Basket Trading Capabilities
>  Advanced Money Management Technique
>  Multiple Timeframes
7 Trade Types
>  7 Join Types
>  Buy Entry, Buy Exit, Sell Entry and Sell Exit Trades
>  Unlimited conditions for each trade

34 Signal Types
(including Common Indicators, Time, Support and Resistance, Pivot Levels, Fibonacci, Divergence, Candlestick Patterns, Volume and NonLagDot)

8 Comparison Types
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